The Aurora MArelup saga

The last living heir of the Lycan throne, Aurora discovers her royal bloodline has been hunted to the brink of extinction by the Strigoi. She has to go on a journey of self-discovery and uncover who her true enemy is. Aurora is no stranger to being hunted and on the run from an unseen enemy. Constantly on the move for the last two hundred years, she’s been kept isolated from the world for her safety. Her ascension is around the corner, and she couldn’t be more anxious about the changes it will bring. The hunt is on for the remaining species of old to gather her mates from the existing clans. Her once hidden enemy makes its self known in a terrifying way shortly after taking her first mate. Battles ensue, and loyalties are tested on every leg of her journey. A ghost from the past and Aurora’s dreams surfaces just in the nick of time to help her claim the first pack for herself. Puzzle pieces click in place shortly after gaining her next two mates. Having one reluctant mate breaks her heart; having a questionable second is nerve-wracking. Tragedy strikes, and Aurora’s life hangs in the balance.

Will she survive to continue her journey?

Another day, another skull added to my collection.For years I was deliberately hidden from the Strigoi in what is now called America. But now the Strigoi know I’ve ascended, and they have begun to hunt me. They won’t stop till they have taken my head and heart back to their master. To stay alive, I need to gain powers from each of my mates that I collect from the species of old. With my father now at my side, my training accelerates and builds upon what Dimitri has already taught me. My ascension has gifted me powers from both of my unique bloodlines. I look like a Lycan but fight with the ferocity of a Dragon. Along our journey, the ultimate betrayal rips the very fabric of what was once my reality, my foundation. Heartache and rage makes my blood boil and renews my drive to hunt my enemies and retake my mother’s castle post haste. I swear here and now that they will die by my talons.

With my blood, this I swear.

My body count is rising as I track down the traitors to my mother’s throne. The longer I remain within the Ice Dragon Castle, the more treachery is revealed. My instincts scream at me to trust no one outside of my bond. Every little girl dreams of two things: being a Princess and her wedding day. I get to have both dreams come true and three precious gifts from my mate Alaric. He can be so thoughtful at times. Oberon King of the Fae pays me a visit and grants me the ultimate present. Part of me doesn’t want to trust the shifty bastard. He bestows upon me a powerful and lethal gift. Sometimes it pays to be a beast of legend. My collection is complete, and I have acquired a mate from each of the species of old. After reaching my full potential, I am almost ready to retake my people’s ancestral home. The puppeteer’s identity is discovered, and I can finally seek my vengeance for his part in my mother’s death. I am so close to the end of my fight I can almost taste it. I gather my allies and my people preparing for the final battle.

For now, I wait patiently, for the second coming of the Blood Queen is almost upon us.

How many mates can one girl possibly have? Six, the answer is six. We are finally en route to my mother’s castle to face off with the greatest evil the species of old has ever known.

Along the way, more traitors rear their ugly heads and manage to hit us where it hurts. Me. How many times must I almost die and rise again stronger than the last time? This last time was different; an ancient named Gallus had to step in and set things right.

The final battle is upon us, and I finally get set foot on the soil my ancestors walked upon. The once-grand castle was reduced almost to ruins by the leeches. My target sits in his ivory tower, lost in his thoughts, unaware that death is coming for him.

Step by step, my forces advance towards our goal. Carefully we proceed and find hidden enemies as well as treasures. Can we survive this final battle, or will this be our final resting place?

Only time will tell. All I know is; Vladimir must die!

The war is finally over, and we are victorious! My beloved father and I finally get revenge against our greatest enemy. Finally, our people know peace. It becomes a time to rebuild and try to heal the wounds inflicted by Vladimir. We have a long and difficult road ahead of us, and only time may heal some wounds. My family and my people are finally safe from the fear of enslavement or mass genocide at Vladimir’s hands. How funny is it that he gets to die at my hands? I think it’s bloody hilarious! With my family safe, we can finally start looking towards the future we’ve all been dreaming of. One final betrayal rocks our family to the core, and a new, unexpected hero rises to the occasion. Shock doesn’t even begin to describe what we’re feeling. We handle everything in stride, made stronger by every hurdle we’ve overcome. The end of an era of fear and death is marked by the erection of a memorial to the fallen. From the ashes, we’ve risen, not only as our individual species but as people as well. My mates are Alphas of their respective clans, and all of us have the singular goal of unity and peace from this day forward. Will we achieve our goals or fail miserably?

Only time will tell.

The children are all grown and it’s time to call them all home for the holidays. Messengers are sent far and wide to locate all of Aurora’s bloodline. The kids have a real surprise waiting for them this year. Jayce and I have spent the better half of the last month planning Christmas. Between the food and presents I believe we are all set. Now, we just have to keep Aurora out of the presents till the children arrive, easier said than done.

Dreams are a funny thing: sometimes, they’re just for fun. Sometimes they give us a hint into our future, and sometimes those dreams show you who you are fated to be with. My blonde mate haunts my dreams every night for twenty years. It’s not until I show my best friend, Ladon, my dream, that I find out who my mate is. Our destiny will soon be decided. Will I be able to hold it together for forty-eight hours or will her presence send me over the brink? I have to make it to the mating ceremony without burning the kingdom to the ground.

All of my dreams had come true. I met my mate and instantly felt that soul deep connection with him. And then I get abducted.. Figures right? Ancient rites are performed and I reach my full potential. I’m on the hunt for those that kidnapped me. Along the way I recieve four surprizes, I couldn’t be happier. Last stop the dreaded council of Dragons before all out war. Will I gain their support? Only time will tell.