Hybrid Royals

Dreams are a funny thing: sometimes, they’re just for fun. Sometimes they give us a hint into our future, and sometimes those dreams show you who you are fated to be with. My blonde mate haunts my dreams every night for twenty years. It’s not until I show my best friend, Ladon, my dream, that I find out who my mate is.
Our destiny will soon be decided.
Will I be able to hold it together for forty-eight hours or will her presence send me over the brink? I have to make it to the mating ceremony without burning the kingdom to the ground.

All of my dreams had come true. I met my mate and instantly felt that soul deep connection with him. And then I get abducted.. Figures right? Ancient rites are performed and I reach my full potential. I’m on the hunt for those that kidnapped me. Along the way I recieve four surprizes, I couldn’t be happier. Last stop the dreaded council of Dragons before all out war. Will I gain their support? Only time will tell.