Anita Ruffino – Contemporary Romance

Welcome to my contemporary romance pen name. Here you will find FMC’s that can hold their own that pride themselves on their intelligence over their beauty.

Stolen – kindle Vella

As graduation approaches, the five of us ponder what lies ahead. However, I must confess that I’ve been harboring a secret desire for my four strikingly attractive roommates for the past six years. To my surprise, I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one who has developed feelings beyond mere friendship.

The guys open up about their intentions and my heart swells with joy. We embark on a passionate pursuit of each other, attempting to explore our romantic connection. However, it wasn’t until the day after the graduation ball that my life took an unexpected turn.

I was abducted.

I don’t know if my date lived or died.

My worst nightmare came true when I discovered I was in the middle of a Mafia feud and was being used as a pawn in their dangerous game.

There’s a war brewing and caught in the middle. It’s time to let loose the dogs of war.

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Spy / subterfuge

Gun fights

Blood and death

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