Standalone Novels

Death is not destined to unite our species, but Fate is a fickle b!tch.

My parents’ marriage united the five elements by bringing a death walker to the throne. No wolf was able to contest their power with my mother at his side—especially after she gave birth to twins.

Ryker was destined to succeed my father as the King of the Spirit Wolves after the War Games, but a surprise orc attack leaves him unfit to rule.

Enter me, the discarded hybrid wolf with the touch of death in her veins.

A relaxing visit to the pack turns into a royal matchmaking tour, leaving me to watch as my quiet life turns into a political nightmare.

My father believes he’s securing the future of our wolves by elevating me to the throne, but there’s something he doesn’t know.

I am Death Incarnate, and I will destroy any threat to our people—even him.

Rejects… Outcasts… Motley Crew..

Our brotherhood is forged in steel and blood. Thousands of miles ridden together have changed us from club to family. Ride or die isn’t just a catch phrase it’s a way of life for us.

One call from Leviathan has turned our world upside down. A string of Omega abductions has finally caught the old dragon’s attention. Summoned by the Wyrm himself we are sent out on what could possible be our last ride.

Will we save the females or die trying? Only time will tell. I pray Fenrir is on our side.

A Tell-Tale Heart Retelling My roommates pale blue eyes vex me, they haunt my dreams almost to the point of madness. He’s Adonis made flesh and every girl’s fantasy. I’ve been in love with him since we were kids, sadly I’ve been friendzoned my entire life. I watch him sleep and dream about the day he will see me. That is till the day I finally snap. It’s the quiet ones that you need to worry about. One way or another, his heart will be mine.

Do you know what it’s like to be cursed? I do. The last ten years of my life I can only return to my human form for five days. All because of the Voodoo Witch Doctor Jacques. One of the idiots in my congress broke his daughters heart. In turn, He dubbed all raven shifters evil, and cursed us. He gave us calavera’s and a choice, kill or die. I’m a survivor, and I plan on beating last years body count. There’s one unforeseen glitch in my plans, and her name is Mina. ** TRIGGER WARNING** BDSM elements, torture, prostitution. Graphic death scenes in unique ways, Stockholm syndrome elements. Mass murderer turned anti-hero.